Tentative DC 37 Economic Agreement


Tentative DC 37 Economic Agreement

16.21% in compounded wage increases over contract term

(May 26, 2021 to November 6, 2026)*

1. Term of Contract – 65 months & 12 days

2. Compounded Wage Increases

            3% - May 26, 2021

               3% - May 26, 2022, compounded

               3% - May 26, 2023, compounded

               3% - May 26, 2024, compounded

               3.25% - May 26, 2025, compounded

               A total of 16.21% in compounded wage increases    

               Additions to Gross will be increased by 3.25% effective May 26, 2025.

3. Retroactive Pay from the First Day of the Agreement

4. $3,000 Ratification Bonus

Lump sum payment to employees in active pay status on the date of ratification. Pro-rated for other than full-time employees (pensionable, consistent with applicable law).

5. Health Insurance

Continuation of premium-free health plans provided for by the MLC Health Agreement.

6. Additional Compensation Fund (ACF)

Funds equaling 0.5% of payroll available to each bargaining unit for negotiations.

Adjustments will be effective and retroactive to May 26, 2023.

7. Equity Panel

A tripartite panel will examine titles that have inequities and new job requirements. Adjustments will be effective and retroactive to May 26, 2023.

 8. $18 Minimum Rate for DC 37

Effective July 1, 2023, members will earn no less than $18 per hour. **

9. Welfare Fund Contributions

A $50 recurring contribution will be added to the Welfare Fund effective May 26, 2023.

10. Child Care Trust Fund

        The Union will establish a Child Care Trust Fund to provide assistance for members’ child care expenses.

11. Work Flexibility Committee

        The Union and the City will form a committee to:

  • Implement a remote work pilot no later than June 1, 2023;
  • Develop policies for compressed work schedules and flexible scheduling; and
  • Expand transit benefits.                    

12. Pandemic Response Joint Committee                          

The committee will review and improve the City’s ongoing response to COVID and future contagious diseases.

13. Payroll

Effective as soon as practicable after ratification, all employees of mayoral agencies, elected officials, DOE and NYCHA will need to opt-in to receive paper pay stubs.                                                                

14. Continue all other terms of the previous economic agreement.

* Effective Dates are different for some contracts

** Hourly School Employees are paid over the summer.      The combination of school year rate and summer pay        makes the effective rate over $18.